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«Great job! The report looks great and I hope those pending tasks will resolve soon. I noticed there are some unresolved "Waiting for ..." items in the list. Are you waiting for us to send you some information? The only name that looks familiar is "" and I can recall I submitted something there and in fact this is the only site you are waiting for the login details for, which has some version of the application already listed. It's definitely not a problem as I believe other pending tasks will turn listed or completed some time soon. Please clarify this moment, thanks!

As for the feedback, I would prefer my foreign partner to write a couple of lines; here are just few words from me. I was very glad (and proud of the nation) to discover your service. The initial support was brilliant and we managed to settle down all questions regarding PADs quickly even though I never stumbled upon them before. But the most pleasing point for me was that your team worked on your own with very limited interaction with our side which let us stay focused on our primary business. Very well done job in an extremely professional way. Thank you!

It was a pure pleasure to work with you!»

Aleksey Gureev
Salas Associates, Inc.
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Article Submission

We submit your article to 500 on-line article directories. How is this different from what our competitors offer?

  • We create personalized author accounts for you on each site while others submit your article only under their own account.
  • We handle all the "dirty" manual operations: CAPTCHA image processing, mail processing, confirmation link processing, password management and more.
  • We provide you with comprehensive submission reports. You get a list of all the article directories where you can see the sites that have actually published your article. Click here to see a sample submission report.
  • We select the appropriate article format according to each site's posting rules. Your article will contain HTML formatting where it is allowed and will be in plain text where needed.
  • We fill out any forms which require your information such as author biographies thus creating more links to your site.
  • The database of article directories is updated on a daily basis. There will be no dead links, no broken scripts.
  • The main reason to submit an article about your product is to improve your site's position on the SERPs by specific key phrases. Additionally, we can bookmark your article in 50+ popular social networks. If it's innovative, provocative and is interesting to the wide public, it will be read and can become popular in the social networks.
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