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Random Testimonial

«If I may, here's one psychological tip I have for you. It may or may not be helpful to you.

When you write "thank you in advance", for the reader it means a lot of things, but mainly it adds an impersonal touch to the letter. Subconsciously they decipher it as if you aren't going to thank them *after* they sent the feedback. It is interpreted as if you intentionally did all necessary "thank you's" once sending a standard letter (and everyone knows you aren't writing them for each individual customer from scratch) not to get back to everyone personally later when they find time to return the feedback.

It's always better to state clearly what you want and thank for the consideration. Almost everyone can find a minute to give a feedback, and almost no one will do it if they feel there's no human on the other end to appreciate their efforts.»

Aleksey Gureev
Salas Associates, Inc.
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RSS Feed Submission

RSS Feeds are extremely popular today. Almost every modern blog engine has this feature. We recommend that you create an RSS Feed on your site and post there all the materials about your product:

  • Notifications about version updates
  • Changes in your program
  • Press releases
  • Articles

You can do this by installing a blog engine on your site or we can create an RSS Feed for you. You will only need to publish an XML document on your site.

Then we submit your RSS Feed URL into RSS Aggregators. They will automatically pull info from your feed and may post this info on Web blogs and other on-line news sites.

RSS Feed submission is included into the "Basic", "Advanced" and "Ultimate" submission packages. Make sure to specify a link to your RSS Feed in your product's PAD file whenever you order these packages or let us create an RSS Feed for you.

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