Software Promotion

Submissions to the download sites is very basic yet one of the most powerful instruments of software promotion.

Random Testimonial

«A friend of mine which is also in the shareware online component business recommended this service to me. We tried it just two times, but we are already very glad with the results we've got!! Besides the fact that we increased our visibility in Google's first page search result, we also had more sales of our component we submitted. Good service for an excellent price!»

10Tec Development Team
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Submit Software to Download Sites

We submit your software manually to hundreds of download sites. Our service includes sites with CAPTCHA images and other anti-robot protection mechanisms that cannot be handled by automatic submission applications. Our submission managers create personalized accounts for you at each download site.

Submission Report

During your promotion campaign you will receive 3 submissions reports. The reports contain links to the sites where your program was submitted along with the version and login information for each site.

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