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«Rudenko's submission service was key to generate interest in Fileaze and drive traffic to our website. Despite being one of the cheapest around, the service is top-notch: submissions started very quickly and the reports I received have always been 100% professional. What Rudenko gives you for the price is absolutely amazing and I recommend it to anyone as the first action to take in shareware marketing»

Cristian Vidmar
Resolware bt.
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Social networks become more and more popular. It is common nowadays for a web blog to put images into each publication that allow you to add a bookmark into your favorite social network. It usually looks like this:

Social Networks

We have registered for you in 120+ social networks:

We have their browser toolbars and other required software installed.

When you order a submission to social networks, we add a bookmark to your site, article or any other link into these networks along with its title and description.

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