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Submissions to download sites not only bring direct downloads but also improve your own site's positions in Google...

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«The submit-everywhere-team's proceeding is coordinated and effective. From customer care to goals achievement, the whole submission service is excellent and thus highly recommendable.»

Alvaro Carballo Garcia
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  "Basic" "Article" "Social" "Russia" "Germany + International" "Advanced" "Ultimate"
PAD File Validation and Optimization Yes N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes
Download Sites 500+         500+ 500+
Article Directories   300       300 300
Press Release Archives 15         70 70
RSS Feed Aggregators 12         12 12
Social Networks     150       150
International Download Sites and Web Directories: German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and more.         250   250
Local Download Sites and Web Directories (Russian)       100      
Price $70 $70 $100 $70 $80 $190 $370

We recommend that you submit version updates every 2 months. For repeated submissions we offer the following annual subscriptions:

Six "Basic" promotion campaigns for the same product within a year$320

AppVisor is our new platform featuring PAD repository, Online PAD validator, Publisher Control Panel, and professional software promotion service.