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Submissions to download sites not only bring direct downloads but also improve your own site's positions in Google...

Random Testimonial

«Great job! The report looks great and I hope those pending tasks will resolve soon. I noticed there are some unresolved "Waiting for ..." items in the list. Are you waiting for us to send you some information? The only name that looks familiar is "" and I can recall I submitted something there and in fact this is the only site you are waiting for the login details for, which has some version of the application already listed. It's definitely not a problem as I believe other pending tasks will turn listed or completed some time soon. Please clarify this moment, thanks!

As for the feedback, I would prefer my foreign partner to write a couple of lines; here are just few words from me. I was very glad (and proud of the nation) to discover your service. The initial support was brilliant and we managed to settle down all questions regarding PADs quickly even though I never stumbled upon them before. But the most pleasing point for me was that your team worked on your own with very limited interaction with our side which let us stay focused on our primary business. Very well done job in an extremely professional way. Thank you!

It was a pure pleasure to work with you!»

Aleksey Gureev
Salas Associates, Inc.
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We help you to promote your software on the Internet. By submitting your software to download sites and other resources, we improve your web site's positions in Google and other search engines for specific key phrases. Additionally, you will get more slots in the search results pointing to your site and direct downloads from software archives.

  "Basic" "Article" "Social" "Russia" "Germany + International" "Advanced" "Ultimate"
PAD File Validation and Optimization Yes N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes
Download Sites 600+         600+ 600+
Article Directories   350       350 350
Press Release Archives 25         70 70
RSS Feed Aggregators 12         12 12
Social Networks     150       150
International Download Sites and Web Directories: German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and more.         250   250
Weekly SEO Reporting          3 months 6 months
Local Download Sites and Web Directories (Russian)       100      
Web Site Analysis and SEO Strategy Planning             Yes
Price $70 $70 $100 $70 $80 $190 $370

We recommend that you submit version updates every 2 months. For repeated submissions we offer the following annual subscriptions:

Six "Basic" promotion campaigns for the same product within a year$320
Weekly SEO Reports$120