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«* Excellent price (it allows me to submit many products and do it often)

* Customer service is excellent

* Large number of download sites

* Submission speed is good»

Karlis Blumentals
Blumentals Software
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About Us has been providing software submission services to shareware vendors for more than 10 years. Starting from creating listings on download sites it evolved into all-in-one software promotion platform, Our free AppVisor Publisher account is your one-stop control panel with all the necessary tools to create, manage, and publish your PAD files. We also offer a free PAD file hosting in the Official PAD Repository:

The idea of our software promotion service is to distribute information about your software product via various online resources. We provide all kinds of submission services and complex software promotion campaigns. In a nutshell, we submit information about your application to various kinds of sites; depending on the selected package, submissions include download sites, regional download sites, article directories, press release archives, and more. Your product listings on these sites increase the total number of search result slots pointing to your product, thus, increasing its visibility. The overall number of sites depends on a promotion package ordered. Additionally, our services include detailed publication tracking reports. Here you can find more info on our software promotion plans: