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«We are highly satisfy by your services and we will promote it around us as a very valuable one.

It was for us an difficult experience to enter into this arena of "shareware distribution over Internet". When you don't know what a PAD file means, when you think your product should be publish anywhere in the world but you do not know the rules of the game, when you receives advertisement on this subject without having an idea of what is relevant or not... Then finding in your company a professional sub-contractor that run the publishing program for you is a real blessing.

Yes we are satisfy and we hope that you could offer us other services in the future (follow-up of the download sites, search engine qualification, marketing advises...).

So far we just start to collect our very first purchase orders and we do appreciate it a lot.

If I have the opportunity to visit your country in the future, I will be very pleased to take a day off to visit you and to offer you a bottle of French champagne to thank you for what you did during the past 2 months.»

Dominique Benoit
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