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«I was very satisfied with the quality and amount of work you put into providing your service. For the price asked, I would never think of doing all those tedious submissions by myself. I am sure we will use your services again with our other software products. Thank you!»

Peter Bezemek
AEON GROUP spol. s r.o.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How many sites do you submit to?

The specific list of sites is determined by the submission package you choose. You can access our site database through this web interface:

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Do you guarantee a certain success rate?

We measure the effectiveness of our submission campaigns by the number of resulting publications, which varies depending on the chosen package. For instance, the Basic package yields 170-180 publications after the first submission cycle, and this number continues to grow with each subsequent cycle. The advantage of regular submissions is one of the reasons we transitioned to subscription-based services at

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You say you do submissions manually. How do I know?

There is no robot that could achieve this level of quality.

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What is PAD?

PAD is an acronym for Portable Application Description. It is a system that helps authors provide product descriptions and related information to online sources in a standardized manner, and using a standard database format. This allows webmasters and program librarians to automate their submission processing and listings creation. PAD saves time for both authors and webmasters.

We recommend using our free AppVisor Publisher control panel at to create and publish your PAD files.

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Can you start my promotion campaign now?

We do our best to start every promotion campaign ASAP. However, there is usually a 1 week queue of orders. Please, try to place an order early if you wish your promotion campaign to be started on a certain date.

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I have already submitted my product to some download sites. Do I have to send you a list of these sites?

Thank you but no. Our submission managers will search all the download sites for existing listings of your product.

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The submission price is per-product and per-batch (or version if you want to call it so). If we have 2 products that would be $140 then for each version submission?

Yes, exactly. There is a per-PAD fee. And every 10th promotion campaign is free.

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We already have products submitted to some directories. What will happen to those submissions - some sites require log in and password to submit the data.

Our submission managers will find all your existing listings and will do their best to update your existing listings where possible. They will request login info to the e-mail that you used to create your accounts on download sites and they will request that you forward any replies from download sites to them. You can also provide a list of passwords if you remember them.

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Our software is delivered as an online subscription (and not a download). Is your service suitable for us?

Yes, we promote web-based/SaaS products just like any other. You can create a downloadable file containing a demo of your product or use a link to your registration page in place of a primary download URL.

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How do I know if my pad file is good enough for sites to accept my software?

After you place an order, we will set a start date for your PAD file check. On the specified date, one of our submission managers will contact you regarding PAD file checking issues. In order to achieve better results, please follow all our recommendations concerning the PAD file. We will proceed to the submission when all PAD file issues are handled. Important: Be sure to upgrade your PAD file to version 4 of the PAD specification. You can easily do this by importing it into your AppVisor Publisher account and then publishing it in the Official PAD repository:

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Can you handle the PAD file creation?

PAD file creation is included in our premium-level packages, Ultimate and Professional: For other packages, we provide detailed instructions on creating a PAD file or upgrading your existing PAD to version 4.

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Can you provide instructions for where to put it on our server?

Please note that with version 4 of the PAD specification, all PAD files are hosted in the Official PAD Repository for security reasons.

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I'd like to know how many of the sites that you submit the software to accept freeware apps as well?

Most shareware sites accept freeware and demo-versions. We normally submit freeware products to shareware sites as well. The number of sites which will list your product should be the same as for a shareware product.

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What exactly is included in the $70 offer ?

After submitting your order, you will be contacted by one of our Submission Managers. The Submission Manager will tell you when we can start working on your product. You will also receive instructions on how to prepare and optimize your PAD file.

On the appointed date, our Submission Managers start checking your PAD file. They will inform you about any issues they find. You should either fix the issues or confirm to us that what we found is exactly what you intended.

When any issues with your PAD file are settled, your product is then scheduled for the actual submission process. Usually, there is a 1-2 day delay.

Prior to submission, our Submission Managers search all download sites for existing listings of your product. They prepare a report ("Preliminary Report") containing your product version info for every site in our database.

After that, the actual submission process begins. Submission Managers visit download sites one-by-one. They use your existing author accounts where possible. If there is an existing listing of your product on a site, our Submission Managers will try to update it. Your product will be submitted to all appropriate sites from our database.

The first submission round lasts up to a week. Immediately upon the end of the first submission round, you will receive our "First submission report". It shows the sites that already have your product listed.

In the next two weeks, our Submission Managers receive login info they requested on download sites, confirmation links, etc. We encourage you to forward these messages to us in a timely manner. Please do NOT click confirmation links. Simply forward all these messages to us to handle for you.

The second submission round then begins. Our Submission Managers use login info received and re-submit your product to the sites that were skipped for some reason during the first round of submission.

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