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We submit your article to 225 on-line article directories. How is this different from what our competitors offer?

  • We create personalized author accounts for you on each site while others submit your article only under their own account.
  • We handle all the "dirty" manual operations: CAPTCHA image processing, mail processing, confirmation link processing, password management and more.
  • We provide you with comprehensive submission reports. You get a list of all the article directories where you can see the sites that have actually published your article. Click here to see a sample submission report.
  • We select the appropriate article format according to each site's posting rules. Your article will contain HTML formatting where it is allowed and will be in plain text where needed.
  • We fill out any forms which require your information such as author biographies thus creating more links to your site.
  • The database of article directories is updated on a daily basis. There will be no dead links, no broken scripts.
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