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«Thank you for you excellent service!»

Dai Hui
LW-WORKS Software
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The submit-everywhere-team's proceeding is coordinated and effective. From customer care to goals achievement, the whole submission service is excellent and thus highly recommendable.

Alvaro Carballo Garcia

Fully professional - great service!

Matthes Bender

I'd like to thank you for your service as it frees my hand from time-consuming submission process. The report is comprehensive and the service is impressive too.

Kevin Zhou
Colasoft Co., Ltd.

Thank you for all your work on our behalf. I am amazed by the amount of diligence on your part for such a small fee. The service was definitely worth it!

Dan Stickel
Judy's Applications

Thanks for the great service! Submission is, indeed, a very specific task among other software promotion activities, and you are the real professionals in it. Value for money is very good, too. Hope to continue collaboration as we have many other products coming soon.

Victor Polyakov
Tibbo Technology Inc.

A friend of mine which is also in the shareware online component business recommended this service to me. We tried it just two times, but we are already very glad with the results we've got!! Besides the fact that we increased our visibility in Google's first page search result, we also had more sales of our component we submitted. Good service for an excellent price!

10Tec Development Team

Thank you for excellent service!

You have saved me loads of work. Now I find my program in places I could not even dream about. Best of all, the number of downloads has increased with about 1000%. I will sure use your expertise when the next major release of my program is ready.

Knut Engebretsen
Digital Photo Software

Since we have first signed on with you, we've not only learned a great deal about the submission process - but we have also noticed a huge increase in downloads and popularity of our software before even receiving our last report from you!

It exceeds "satisfactory" to describe our pleasure for having obtained your services. Thank you for being so responsive and helpful, for showing us and teaching us things we did not know and for your professionalism in the services rendered. We do intend seeking your services again as we have yet another software to submit. But perhaps within the next week or so. Most importantly is our desire to learn how to submit by filling out the "News Feed" section of the PAD file.

If we could just get that figured out - we have much more software to submit that we could hire you for much sooner... It's just a matter of understanding it. We've dealt in "Freeware" for so very long, we do not often run across such things - therefore have less understanding of the shareware business.

Thank you for your help. We certainly will recommend you as we have clients and friends who own their own companies who also require such services... Your business will be the first recommendation.

Nikolai J. Martello
I.G. Headquarters

I was very satisfied with the quality and amount of work you put into providing your service. For the price asked, I would never think of doing all those tedious submissions by myself. I am sure we will use your services again with our other software products. Thank you!

Peter Bezemek
AEON GROUP spol. s r.o.

Thanks for your timely and cost effective submission of my program, WinFlash Educator. This is the third time I've used your service and been pleased with the results each time.

Dick Bryant
Open Window Software

Thank you very much for your help! We will definitely use you again.

Tole Khesin
Level 9 Technology

Thank you very much!

Oswaldo Romano Jr.

We're very satisfied with the service. This is actually the second time we've used your service - because we thought it was great the first time as well.

Jennifer Castillo

I have used Rudenko's services for several software submissions and all have been executed professionally and quickly. They provided me with the highest level support including even technical assistance to achieve the best results on our submissions. I am absolutely satisfied with their services and highly recommend them.

Adam Korbuly
OrthoGraph Ltd.

Thanks for a great job! I will get back to you regarding a new cycle.

Digital Environment

Thank you so much.

Your services are really great!

Dmitriy B.

Thank you. It was pleasure working with you!

Michael Tsukerman
Discordia Limited

Your service is wonderful!

Orhan Akyurek
Zemana Ltd.

I am extremely happy with the service you have provided. I do not understand how you can possibly do all the work you at the quality level you achieve for the price you charge.

We will most definitely be using your services on a regular basis.

Good job!

Yermo Lamers
DTLink Software

I found your service very thorough and it saved me a lot of time and effort. The submission reports are good, as they contain all the information I need on the download sites, and reasons why some submissions were unsuccessful - in my case mainly through not including a press release.

Don Robinson
Robinmatch Limited

Thanks very much for your submission service!

Matthias Kandeler
SYNCING.NET Technologies GmbH

Thank you very much! This is very well organized.

Data Ladder

I am very happy with the service - It is great value for money!

It has saved me so much time! I strongly recommend it.

Roman Ferdman

Thank you for your excellent work!

Vladimir Palacka
SAE - Automation, s.r.o.

Thanks for your help here! I'll definitely use your services again in the future.

Mike Odom
EOF Productions

Thank you very much for your work! The submission service is most I could do with a lot of time. The PAD correction is also very useful. Thanks!

Jordi Querol

I have always been impressed with the level of service from Rudenko. I couldn't imagine doing the submissions myself given how easy and cost effective it is to have you do it.

Peter Avritch
PC Dynamics, Inc

Thank you very much! The whole submission process worked exactly as described on your website. And you did it all very well, on a timely basis and with excellent reports. I think you provide an amazing service at the price you charge!

Pieter Branderhorst
Amthor Technologies Inc.

Thank you!

Glenn L. Powell
Advanced Registry Fix

Using submit-everywhere is an extremely pleasant experience. The staff is personal, prompt, attentive and very professional, and the results are without doubt worth the modest price of the service. I will definitely use you again for every product we create.

Brian Meidell Andersen
The Game Equation

Thank you for your wonderful service. We are 100% satisfied! We will always contact you whenever we need to do software submissions.

Ammar Mardawi
Kindisoft LLC

Regarding my feedback on the service received by Rudenko just to say that I am quite happy about the service received for the price payed. Also very good and quick replies from your staff. So ..... If I do another campaign in the future it is likely I will do it with you again.

Thanks for your help!

Joaquin Menendez
e-SoftEasy Business Analytics

Thank you for your detailed submission!

Zeljka Bosanac

Thank you for the work and the report!

Mark Uildriks
AGORA Software BV

I'm really impressed by your fast and reliable service!

Jochen Kaercher
Jochen Kaercher Gamedesign

My opinion, which if you want you can quote, is that you provide an extremely valuable and professional service.

Pietro Polsinelli
Open Lab

Everything about your service is wonderful and I can recommend it as the best service available.

Lorenzo Rodriguez
LMR International, Inc.

Thank you so much for your services!! Before your services were even half way completed - we had already seen a substantial increase in download numbers, popularity, software awards and especially the income we make from the Gadgetbar!!!! We were very impressed to say the least! We have already recommended you to other companies that we deal with and communicate with, and they too have seen first hand, the improvements mentioned above with our software.

Needless to say - through our experiences promoting our software through you - we're certain you will be receiving requests for your submission talents from our other contacts. We are beyond satisfied with your work and look forward to a continued business relationship with you as time goes by. Again, thank you so much for your help. assistance, guidance and services!

Nikolai J. Martello
I.G. Headquarters

Thank you for your nice service!

Urs Langmeier
Langmeier Software

LockLizard were most impressed by the service Rudenko offer. They processed our software in a timely manner and always kept us updated with reports. They provide excellent value for money and our only wish is that they would provide additional services that we could purchase such as directory submissions. We would definately recommend Rudenko software submission to other companies (although not our competitors!) - they will not disappoint you.

Alice Pierce

Thank you, we have been very pleased with your work and will surely use your services in the future.

Joonas Jarvinen

I'm very pleased with the service I received. The whole process was very slick - I received prompt and helpful responses to my questions. Extremely professional!

Tim Hards
Visual Exemplars Ltd

Thanks for all. It went very well.

Dexter Bell
The Utility Factory

If I may, here's one psychological tip I have for you. It may or may not be helpful to you.

When you write "thank you in advance", for the reader it means a lot of things, but mainly it adds an impersonal touch to the letter. Subconsciously they decipher it as if you aren't going to thank them *after* they sent the feedback. It is interpreted as if you intentionally did all necessary "thank you's" once sending a standard letter (and everyone knows you aren't writing them for each individual customer from scratch) not to get back to everyone personally later when they find time to return the feedback.

It's always better to state clearly what you want and thank for the consideration. Almost everyone can find a minute to give a feedback, and almost no one will do it if they feel there's no human on the other end to appreciate their efforts.

Aleksey Gureev
Salas Associates, Inc.

Great job! The report looks great and I hope those pending tasks will resolve soon. I noticed there are some unresolved "Waiting for ..." items in the list. Are you waiting for us to send you some information? The only name that looks familiar is "" and I can recall I submitted something there and in fact this is the only site you are waiting for the login details for, which has some version of the application already listed. It's definitely not a problem as I believe other pending tasks will turn listed or completed some time soon. Please clarify this moment, thanks!

As for the feedback, I would prefer my foreign partner to write a couple of lines; here are just few words from me. I was very glad (and proud of the nation) to discover your service. The initial support was brilliant and we managed to settle down all questions regarding PADs quickly even though I never stumbled upon them before. But the most pleasing point for me was that your team worked on your own with very limited interaction with our side which let us stay focused on our primary business. Very well done job in an extremely professional way. Thank you!

It was a pure pleasure to work with you!

Aleksey Gureev
Salas Associates, Inc.

Thank you very much!

Alex Kovalchuk

Thanks! Have been very impressed with the service you've provided, and was exactly what I was looking for.

Andrew Macdonald

Rudenko have provided us with a first class service for a price that is easy to swallow for a small developer like ourselves. Having performed the mind-numbing task of submitting to these sites myself many times in the past I have a great respect for Rudenko and the quality of their submissions. This is a service we will continue to use and would wholeheartedly recommend to others.

Many thanks Rudenko, please keep up the good work.

Simon Craythorn
InterVations, Inc.

Thank you very much for your services. We are extremely satisfied. We will use your services again for all our products. It reduces our manual work and ensures quality work from your side

Gautam Jain
Conceptworld Corporation

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing a great service. To say it is value for money would be an understatement. INDEXA is now listed on all the top software websites and hundreds of other popular websites that we didn't even know existed. We will definitely use you guys again.

Edward Rolando
CyberNexus Limited

This is the second time I've used your service and I've been very pleased with it both times. I think that it represents excellent value for the price. I plan to use your service on any future major updates that I wish to propagate to the download sites.

Dick Bryant
Open Window Software

We have been able to promote our website with a new product that we had very quickly. After 2 weeks we have achieved a Page Rank of 5 on Google, which is a very good result even by itself. We have good income of sales for this new product already and it is growing. We are in this business for 5 years and we know how hard it is to achieve such results and we have tried many services before. Thanks for great job.

Vitaly Gritsenko
FkeySolutions Inc.

Thank you very much!

Thaine Norris
Norris Family Industry

Thank you very much for your excellent services. I am very happy to see my product listed in so many places.

Eric Ramirez
EA Consulting & Software

Thank you very much for the submission of my web site to the download sites.

Your service is excellent and I will be using it many more times in the next months as our company diversifies into different product categories. Again, thanx for the great work.

Tom Wikman

Thank you for you excellent service!

Dai Hui
LW-WORKS Software

Great Service!

Milton Despain

Rudenko's submission service was key to generate interest in Fileaze and drive traffic to our website. Despite being one of the cheapest around, the service is top-notch: submissions started very quickly and the reports I received have always been 100% professional. What Rudenko gives you for the price is absolutely amazing and I recommend it to anyone as the first action to take in shareware marketing

Cristian Vidmar
Resolware bt.

I've been happy with the results of your work.

Ken Spreitzer
Maximized Software

A nice service! I am satisfied and I am going to use it in the near future agian!

Russ Sabitov

We are highly satisfy by your services and we will promote it around us as a very valuable one.

It was for us an difficult experience to enter into this arena of "shareware distribution over Internet". When you don't know what a PAD file means, when you think your product should be publish anywhere in the world but you do not know the rules of the game, when you receives advertisement on this subject without having an idea of what is relevant or not... Then finding in your company a professional sub-contractor that run the publishing program for you is a real blessing.

Yes we are satisfy and we hope that you could offer us other services in the future (follow-up of the download sites, search engine qualification, marketing advises...).

So far we just start to collect our very first purchase orders and we do appreciate it a lot.

If I have the opportunity to visit your country in the future, I will be very pleased to take a day off to visit you and to offer you a bottle of French champagne to thank you for what you did during the past 2 months.

Dominique Benoit

I'm satisfied with your service and I'll advice my friends for it.

Lorenzi Davide
Lorenzi Davide

Thank you very much for the service you have provided. I am completely satisfied with your service.

Admin @ Webcam Simulator
Webcam Simulator

I am satisfied of your service. My position on Google is better now. The reports are fine. And the society is serious.

Christophe Jacquelin
LTI - The Intelligent Tile

Thank you a lot for the listing, I'm very satified by your service and I will recommend you to all my partners. You have done a great work and finally my products are more visible to the public.

David Hervieux
Devolutions inc.

Thank you for your work! I will get in touch again with submit-everywhere for regular submissions.

Georges Garcia
MEDIA Variations

Thanks for your help! Your service was very professional. I appreciated your help with PAD file preparation and your follow up was outstanding.

James W. Wanek
Sandhills Software

I would like to thank you all for the wonderful service you and your team have provided. From the moment we began working with you, we felt that the service we received was done by a team of professionals.

We trusted you with our product and were not disappointed by the hard work and dedication that was given.

We are looking forward to using your services in the near future, and wish for a long term relationship with you.

Shai Karmi

Once again thank you for a great service. I don't recall when my company started using your services. It has always been a pleasure doing business with you. Keep up the good work!


I really appreciate all of your efforts in my promotional campaign. I have found your service extreme value for money. Frankly, I cannot understand how you can provide such a service for this price. Doing all this manually by myself would have taken me weeks.

I am already considering a second campaign where I plan to use your submission service again.

Peter McPhee
Option Trading Tips

Thank you. Using your software submission service was a very pleasant experience. The service was very responsive and professional and the time saved was certainly worth the cost.

Peter Sohal
J. River, Inc

Thank you very much, I'm very satisfied with the quality and the results of your work.

Jean-Herve Lescop

I would like to say that your service saved me enormous amount of time. I would never be able to publish my software on so many sites without your help. Your checks for the PAD files are very thorough and comprehensive.

Sergei Veinberg
Biz-Tech Software

I am very satisfied with your services.

Peter Fisk
RoboWiz Corporation

Rudenko were extremely helpful and quick to respond to my numerous questions about the download process. We were very happy with the results and the service is great.

Joanne Godfrey
Shunra Software LTD.

Thank you very much!

When we release next new product, we will use your services again!

Dusan Milanov
Vectorian Inc.

MANY THANKS for your efforts.

We have been very impressed with your service, and will definately be back for you to (re-)submit other software over the next couple of months..

Lee Brown

Rudenko offers a great service at a great price, I have used them for several software submissions and all have been executed professionally and quickly. I highly recommend them.

James Bryant
Isotope 244 Computer Games

The worst part of developing software and bringing it to market is the submissions that have to be done to get your product seen. Often this takes weeks to do properly and can be very tedious. Rudenko's service is what KleinSoft had been looking for for a long time. Professional, fast and reliable service and three comprehensive reports which keeps you up to speed with the submission progress. All this for just $70! You can't go wrong.

Johan Britz

You asked for some feedback regarding your services here, and I thought I'd take the time to tell you how much I like your service. I appreciate that you walked us through the PAD file process, ensuring that we'd be accepted at as many sites as possible, and that you took the time to give us advice when we ran into a quandry about how to best submit our second specific software package. I randomly verified that we were listed on the sites that you submitted us to, and was pleased to find no errors in your report. Overall, I have to give you a thumbs up and a great deal of appreciation.

There is only one concern that I have, and that is that the ad I saw on suggested we could be listed on over 35,000 sites or something equally huge, and your database holds a more realistic 800 or so active sites for submission. I don't think you should be afraid to advertise on the real size of your active databse because 1) it's more honest and 2) it is a respectable amount. However, your webpage actually states the true value of your database, so I'm wondering if an overly excited affiliate has been making you look dishonest. You may wish to look into this because I lost some confidence and was reticent to purchase your services originally from that little bit of trickery. Also, it's somewhat embarassing to approach your boss and say "I saw an ad that said we could submit to X number of sites, but oops, I was wrong by a factor of ten."

Once again, thank you for superb services.

Elizabeth Hoefling
Cortex I.T.

I sure have a minute. I was very happy about the professional way the issues zere dealt with and the results were as I expected. There are two comments however.

- First of all a lot of effort seems to have been spend on Russian sites. Now I have been selling software for many years and even though we tried, the Russian market has been non existing. For us the listings in Russian sites have little or no value.

- The list I received about sites that require link backs was incomplete. Not a real problem as I could trace it myself, but it was a bit surprising.

I will sure use your service again, in fact, I will order one new account today.

Mathijs Kok

Thank you very much for the excellent service you have provided. I am very happy with the results, and it has saved me many hours of submitting my pad files. Thanks also for the quick responses to my queries, and detailed reports and feedback.

Dave Hoyer
Encore Consulting Pty Ltd

Thanks.. I am very satisifieed with the service.

Sameer Bhatia

Your service is very impressing!

Assaf Levy
Barosh Ltd.

Thank you, once again, for this fine job. I can't remember the number of submissions that we performed using your services. I can only say that you are doing an excellent job. The fact that you are sending me reports before the submission, while it's in progress and after the submission really helps me know how things are going.

I really appreciate your business and you can be sure that that we'll stick to Rudenko for all our future software submissions!


I thank you for your efforts and nice work!

Ekrem Deniz
ED Company

Thanks for everything! Very happy with the way everything has progressed. We will be releasing a newer release of FireDaemon in August and will be back to see you then.

James Bourne
Sublime Solutions Pty Ltd

Thanks very much for your professional, dilligent and effective work in promoting Access Front End Loader. We have just received our first sale from the product, no doubt a direct result of your efforts. You have saved us considerable time and frustration and permitted us to concentrate on further product development.

With future product releases just around the corner, we will be sure to call upon your services again. While we have used your Robosoft software in the past with good success, I believe your experience and thorough submission approach will ensure us better long term results, notwithstanding all the time you have saved us for more important tasks.

Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Jason Weathered
CRiSP Software

Thank you very much for report, and work !!!

Quality, serious and speed ... i could not say more !!!

If i had to make all submitions it could take feew years !!!!

Michel TAP

Thanks for the excellent service from Rudenko! EventStudio Sequence Diagram Designer has now been updated on a large number of sites.

Vladimir Soloshenko Inc.

Rudenko shareware submission service is the no hassle way to submit your software to shareware download sites. I found it painless and simple, Rudenko did all the work for me.

Nigel Beach
JafaSoft Limited

Thanks very much for an excellent service!

Gary Molton
Engineering Adventures Ltd

Thank you very much for your updates. You did great job with submitting our software and increasing our visibility in shareware portals and on the Internet. I appreciate your help. We will definitely use your services again in the future.

Konrad Musial
YesSoftware, Inc.

Great job. I was getting 5 or 6 downloads a day and now I am getting 30/40!

I am expecting my sales to increase 5x.

This has let me get on with my other work and has done more for me than Google Adwords and at lower cost.

More and better than expected!

Peter Hodgson

I would gladly say that I am very happy with the service that you are providing. It is not an expensive submission service and I think that any company can afford it. This was our third submission using Rudenko and I can say that I am very glad of the results.

A month ago we tried to use a freelancer's services for one of our products. It was a complete failure: bad quality, bad support, poor results and no report at all.

I will use your services again and, if it will be possible in the future, I would like to pay you a monthly subscription for updating one of our shareware programs.


It was a pleasure working with your very professional service!

Stefan Meyer-Kahlen
Stefan Meyer-Kahlen

I would gladly recommend your service to anyone. I used RoboSoft a few times and your submission service twice. Each time the results were very clear and the detailed reports that you sent me are very good: I can really see the submission progress. I will definitely use your services again in the future.


Thanks for that. You've done a fantastic job, the process was excellent and support superb. This is an excellent service and one I'll recommend to other publishers. I'm getting my other products ready to submit with you now.

Jon Walker
iMagic Software

We ordered altogether 11 submits with Short term all our costs were covered because of the increase in sales after submit. Long-term it also raised our Google rating. Excellent service, caring submitters, detailed reports - we are very happy with this company.

Victor Shaburov

* Excellent price (it allows me to submit many products and do it often)

* Customer service is excellent

* Large number of download sites

* Submission speed is good

Karlis Blumentals
Blumentals Software

We used to do submissions ourselves in the past, but your service does it faster, better, and in a more organized way. The quality of your service is simply outstanding, and from now on we'll be using it for all our submissions.

Dr Alex Davidovic
C Point Pty Ltd

Thank you very much for your work on our behalf. We see that you have submitted us on software download sites that we would not have found on our own - in particular, on non-English web sites. Your service was clearly a bargain. We can and will recommend your service to any colleagues needing to publicize their software.

Jennifer Castillo
Cognitier, Inc.