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«Great job! The report looks great and I hope those pending tasks will resolve soon. I noticed there are some unresolved "Waiting for ..." items in the list. Are you waiting for us to send you some information? The only name that looks familiar is "" and I can recall I submitted something there and in fact this is the only site you are waiting for the login details for, which has some version of the application already listed. It's definitely not a problem as I believe other pending tasks will turn listed or completed some time soon. Please clarify this moment, thanks!

As for the feedback, I would prefer my foreign partner to write a couple of lines; here are just few words from me. I was very glad (and proud of the nation) to discover your service. The initial support was brilliant and we managed to settle down all questions regarding PADs quickly even though I never stumbled upon them before. But the most pleasing point for me was that your team worked on your own with very limited interaction with our side which let us stay focused on our primary business. Very well done job in an extremely professional way. Thank you!

It was a pure pleasure to work with you!»

Aleksey Gureev
Salas Associates, Inc.
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Targeted Link Building For Your Site

Any mass submission of your product information to the download sites, article directories, social networks and other kinds of Internet resources is in fact a link building process. By submitting your product info you generate publications that affect your own site visibility in Google.

If properly targeted, your submissions give you an advantage over your competitors in the Google search results. We constantly monitor hundreds of software vendor sites and gather unique statistical data that suggests what works for Google today and how it works exactly. All our suggestions regarding your promotion strategy are based on this statistical data.

First, we analyze your site, your product, its market niche and the competition. Then we provide reports reflecting the current situation in the niche along with our suggestions regarding your promotion strategy.

Once you approve the proposed strategy, we prepare required materials and start the link building process. You receive separate submission reports for each kind of Internet sites. The "Ultimate" package includes the following:

  • Download Sites
  • Article Directories
  • Social Networks
  • Press Release Archives
  • RSS Feed Aggregators
  • Local Download Sites (German)
  • Weekly SEO Reporting

The "Ultimate" package is intended to promote a single product/link pair for one search term family.

How Much Does It Cost?

The "Ultimate" package is available in two editions:
Ultimate USD 370
Ultimate Plus USD 750

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The "Ultimate" package is probably the most cost-effective solution on the market today. The "Plus" edition is very similar to the "Ultimate" package. Here are the main differences:

  • Our specialists can spend twice as much time on your project
  • Tasks are scheduled with a higher priority
  • Additional non-public press-release site database is used

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